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Apr 27

How *not* to get you to do something

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Russel Beattie has closed his blog.

Now he wants people to unsubscribe from it, and hints at this via this obnoxious page.

Does that make you:

  • Want to unsubscribe
  • Want to subscribe a million bots to it


3 Responses to “How *not* to get you to do something”

  1. x Says:

    Yeah, wonder why he didn’t simply turn his feed off. He’s such a weird guy.

  2. Angsuman Chakraborty Says:

    Give poor Russ a break especially now that he has stopped blogging.

  3. Lance Lavandowska Says:

    Actually, that post just made me want to stay more, to see what crazy stunt he tried next to get me unsubscribed (what actually happens when everyone unsubscribes from a feed in Bloglines).

    He could do like “Dive Into Mark” and have his feed return the appropriate status code (I forget which one, 410?).

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