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Aug 20

Google Wireless Transcoder: How have I not seen this before?

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So many sites look like utter crud on my Blackberry.

How have I not seen the Google Wireless Transcoder, which can take a site and strip it down to hopefully be readable.

It isn’t perfect, as people can do a lot of bad HTML coding, but it does a much better job than my Blackberry does itself for many sites out there.


39 Responses to “Google Wireless Transcoder: How have I not seen this before?”

  1. matt m Says:

    I was using skweezer ( ) for this for a while, until the google stuff came out. It’s a little better.

  2. Mats Henricson Says:

    That is a really poor acronym, since it can also stand for Google Web Toolkit.


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  4. master2 Says:
    <a href=”http://xoomer.alice

  5. Carsten Says:

    The “Wireless Transcoder”-Bot does not respect rel=”nofollow” attributes in HTML-Anchors. (It actually “clicked” an affiliate-ad)

  6. Transcoding Comparison Says:

    Wireless Transcoder – Google Alternative
    I recently tested the following transcoder: Verkata Wireless Transcoder

    Verkata Wireless Transcoder performs amazingly well on almost all the sites that I visit the most.
    Verkata also transcodes RSS feeds.

    I am using a Nokia 6682 phone.
    Here are some tips on using verkata transcoder.

    * Book mark the page.

    * Verkata provides this as a free service, so it can be slow at times.

    * If you are lazy, just type in a keyword instaed of the full URL. Verkata searches the web and gets the page. The search is very accurate, I think they are using Yahoo search under the covers. Clever approach! Undocumented for some reason!

    * Turn on images if you are on Sprint or Cingular 3G networks. Turn off images on T-mobile, their service is way too slow.

    * If you have a Java phone you may want to try the J2ME RSS Reader,

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