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Apr 20

Google Personal, one step closer

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I have been wanting more of a personal touch from Google for awhile, and it looks like they are coming up with the goods.

Google Labs just came out with Search History, in beta.

Now you can choose to tell Google to watch over you and help out.

There are definitely privacy issues surrounding some of the more ‘out there’ personal search features (e.g. social networking ‘those who searched also searched’) but it is great to see this first step, and I look forward to more!

I always like the integrated experience with Google. When I sign up for something I don’t have to go to a DIFFERENT place. is still the entry point and it just knows that I want a personal touch.

2 Responses to “Google Personal, one step closer”

  1. norco Says:

    Chris Locke writes about “Indigo Children,” a meme reported on by the New York Times. The Indigo idea sounds like it pushes a whole bunch of buttons all at once

  2. Buy prednisone Says:

    Thank you Search History :)

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