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Oct 19

Google can search. Next: Reverse Search

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Google and co. amaze us with their accurate searches. Time and again you search for something so obscure that you are sure the g-man can’t find it.

But although we are getting good at searching for infomation this doesn’t mean that we are good at having the right information available when we need it.

The next frontier will be tools that help this happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if before congress is about to go to war, Scott Ridders analysis comes in and slaps the group in the head.

This idea could have profound consequences, but would also help in the day to day.

As you code a problem, the IDE can tie into the reverse searcher, and it can start to help you out, ideally based on what others have done (wisdom of crowds). I have talked about the clippy for IDEs before, which is really a subset of this idea.

We need callbacks that could run as fast as a Google search to alert us before we do anything silly or wrong (are you SURE you want to send that email to your girlfriend? are you SURE you want to send that email to someone who isn’t your girlfriend?).

I am sure others are thinking and implementing ideas like this. If I had the system it would be able to tell me this! “Do not bother posting submit. It has already been talking about in X, Y, Z”.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong but you seem to be talking mostly about information that is publicy available. This data is made available by the authorities for good reason. Making it easier to access can only be a good thing.

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