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Jun 30

Geronimo Congrats: Culture of the Engineer

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I think it is very apt that the Apache Geronimo team passed the J2EE (Java EE :) TCK at JavaOne, 22 months after they began. Soon the server will be certified and time to move on to other things.

Sun has always been the cult of the engineer, and everytime I have seen the Geronimo team, they have been coding like mad men. You know that you will see them at a conference, and it will be the group huddled around hacking away.

Congrats guys. Great to see your hard work paying off, and I am excited to see what the team will get done now the tests are over and they can focus on items that developers really care about!

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  1. Sumit Says:

    Seconded. They are the coding mad men in more than one way. A JUG presentation by a Geronimo guy was one of the geekiest and hardest to understand JUG sessions that I’ve ever attended.

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