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May 29

Football: England 2, US 1

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I went through a timewarp yesterday. Along with family, we trekked to Chicago to see the English football team play the US at Soldier field. As soon as we were there we got transported to Little Britain. Every accent was english. British soccer jerseys (a bunch of people switched their England shirts for Liverpool ;) were all over.

The brits really know how to have a good time. I love hearing the chants throughout the game. On the US side all you hear is “Goals. Goals. Goals. For the Red, White and Blue” blaring from the speaker system, versus gems such as:

“Are you Scotland in disguise”


“Stand up, if you hate Arsenal”


“Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies, you fat b*d, you fat b*d, YOU ate all the pies”

To the game itself, England are very lucky to have won the game yesterday. The US is unfortunate. Most of the pressure came from America throughout the game really, and Calamity James lived up to his reputation. England looked more likely to score on the breaks though.

I often feel that the US team is very solid, but they lack that LITTLE bit when it comes to the final third. It was the same again, as all rights, they should have been able to win 3-2.

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