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Feb 29

Fearless Thought Leaders: Are you done?

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There is an interesting discussion starting on TheServerSide that has come out of Rick Kitts blog entry “I think I’m done with thought leaders”.

Here we see a back-lash on “so called” Thought Leaders ™. This is due to the mismatch between the “Real World”, and the world that some thought leaders live in. Good ones are finding solutions to deal with issues in projects that we are working on right now. Others are playing around in their nice clean sandbox finding elegant solutions, which don’t map over to the real world.

Some “thought leaders” also are pushing their methodology/product, and think that you HAVE to play along. It may work for some people, or on some types of projects. There is no holy grail, and you have to work out what works for you.

Mike Spile has chimed in on this post. Mike is definitely someone who I consider “real world”, as you will learn if you read his blog. He doesn’t get to work in nice green fields, on small projects.

Then there is Andy Oliver who wants to bomb the real world into oblivion. Even if Andy doesn’t like the real world… his company will have to deal with it if they want to survive as “Professional Open Source”. The real world needs to buy they services.

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