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May 02

Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages

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Phillip Wadler just gave a tech talk on Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages.

The ending had one of the geekiest moment I have ever seen, when the professorial Wadler rips open his shirt to show that he is LAMBDA man :)

It was an interesting talk, tying together evolution and religion to our computer science world. It delves into the mathematical side from the get go, and you understand why the professor would be a fan of the functional, provable world.

It also shows how someone who is really a functional guy, can handle writing a book on Generics.

2 Responses to “Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages”

  1. PJR Says:

    Wish I could watch the video, or even better for me, read a transcript. Anything called Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages is obviously right up my alley. My faith is the One split into Quarks, Leptons & Bosons, coded a few rules of string vibration, called the program, and slipped into the Higgs particle to hide and watch how objects develop.

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