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Aug 26

Facebook Developer Garage in Palo Alto

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The day started like many Palo Alto Saturdays. First, I met John and his lovely family at the farmers market and we took the kids over to the crepe place. In line we ran into Brian McCallister of Ning with his baby. I didn’t get to ask him if he got to go to the playboy mansions now that PlayboyU is running on the Ning platform :)

Later on, I got to walk over to one of the Facebook offices in downtown to participate in the Facebook Developer Garage. There was a great crowd gathered (no surprise) and their was definite energy about the place. The kind of energy that says “man, I think I can make some money having a lot of fun” ;)

The event was pretty casual, and started with “Platform” Dave giving his view of the world. Since no-one had a camera at the time, and mine was in my backpack, I pulled it out and filmed the talk. I had to split it into three parts (first show below: 1, 2, 3) for YouTube.

Then it was time for the Slide folks to give their piece, and I filmed that (two parts).

The real fun started with the lightning talks that came next. They were given by the developers of major applications such as iLike, SuperWall (RockMe network), BoozeMail, Causes, Box, and more. Unfortunately I had run out of battery at this point, but luckily someone else had a camera at this point.

Some of the gems were:

  • Box giving their presentation via their application, with Michael Jackson’s Thriller playing
  • Boxes pie chart slide with the segmentation of: “High School, College, Old People”
  • iLike on Ticketmaster: “They used to be evil, but now their 30 year contracts are coming up for renewal so they have to add value”
  • Joyce Park talking about her EC2 usage.
  • Two guys who looked like real jocks: “Quit your job and write some apps. You can then wake up at 2pm every day”. I wish I had this footage as these guys were classic.

A really fun event. Thanks to Facebook for putting it on.

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