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Mar 24

EVDO and the MacBook Pro

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Jason Hunter loves his EVDO.

This is one of the drawbacks of the MacBook Pro. We get the future, but not the PCMCIA slot.

So, are we screwed? I have heard a few people say that they can get things working via USB solutions, but haven’t heard first hand. A lot of “a mate has got it working”.

What do I *really* want? I want my mobile to have true 3G like I have in europe, and I want to just connect via bluetooth. Is that really SO much to ask for?

2 Responses to “EVDO and the MacBook Pro”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You Apple lovers really think you get the future, don’t you?

    A future where every piece of hardware in your machine has been on Windows boxes for years, and when they’re not, Apple eventually wises up and adopts whatever has been successful on Windows for years (USB and Intel come to mind, looks like PCMCIA is next on the list).

    You want a nice-looking machine that makes you feel good about yourself? Get a Mac. You want a bleeding edge box with the latest fastest components and innovative software that comes out every week? Get a Windows box.

  2. Colin Sampaleanu Says:

    (EVDO rocks! I’ve only had it less than 2 months, but given the amount of travelling I do, can’t imaging life on the road without it).

    It’s going to be somewhat bulkier than just a PCMCIA card, but you could conceivably get an EVDO router. This is one model, although some other brands seem smaller:

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