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Aug 18

Digg this? No.

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I am finding it kinda funny to see all of the websites that have “Digg this!” links or buttons on every page.

You can see it now:

Digg drives traffic. We need to get everything dugg

The problem is that I keep seeing this on sites that are never going to benefit from this. How many people do you REALLY think will Digg anything on your website that talks about pork belly prices?

Digg works great if you are talking about Apple/Microsoft/Mobile Phones/Web 2.0 and of course Digg itself. But if you are not in the 12-18yr old demo, leave off the digg buttons.

3 Responses to “Digg this? No.”

  1. afsina Says:

    dig usually suck. i am tired of seeing boring ubuntu, web 2.0, css tutorials, php , microsoft, apple news written by teenegers. a lot of duplication too. you have to handpick useful stuff which are becoming rare.

  2. Flight Centre Says:

    This is worth a Digg:

  3. master2 Says:
    <a href=”http://xoomer.alice

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