Thought I saw Cedric say “EJB 3 is broken” :) Random quotes from the keynote
Jun 28

Deja Vu JavaOne Keynote?

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It’s all about ringtones again?

I was a little bit dissapointed with the keynote this morning. There were some good comments and claims, but it smelt like the same keynote from last year.

As developers Sun seems to think we should all move to J2ME and write games and such :)

Or, we become “corporate developers” and use the FREE Java Studio Creator…. well not quite free. You have to join the Sun Developer Network for 100 bucs (cheaper if you are at the conference at $50).

I want to hear more about why as an enterprise Java developer I should be excited! What is the cool technology!

So, although there were some good things….. I wanted more from Sun.

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