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Aug 31

Calendars: I don’t care about months, give me weeks

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I admit it. I don’t really care about months. When a new one comes round, nothing changes in my life.

So, why is the ‘month view’ so prevelant in calendar apps?

What I normally DO care about is context. My ideal view would be:

3-4 weeks into the future and maybe 1 week into the past. This way I can see what is coming up, and a bit of what just happened.

The month view totally breaks down when you are at the border of a month.

4 Responses to “Calendars: I don’t care about months, give me weeks”

  1. Jason Yip Says:

    I don’t remember where I read this but month-based calendar apps are described as being stuck on the paper calendar metaphor instead of exploiting the new electronic medium with a rolling view on dates.

  2. x Says:

    Set Google Calendar to “Next 4 weeks” and you’re done.

  3. y Says:

    Well, although Google Calendar has a next 4 weeks view, it’s hard to tell it what date to start with. It seems to be stuck on only displaying the next 4 weeks starting this week. This makes it difficult to browse week by week.

  4. Agenda Freddy Says:

    Weeks, days, nothing beats this:

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