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May 18

Beware the Sun Legal Slide Shifters

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One of the fun parts of the JavaOne conference, is getting your slides changed before you by the lovely legal team at Sun. If you have spoken at JavaOne before you know that you should get to the “Speaker Ready Room” as early as possible to go through your slides with the “specialist”.

Sun takes your slides and does two interesting things to them:

  • Converts to lovely StarOffice (it is bad enough to go from Keynote to Powerpoint)
  • Puts a TM next to every other word

When Ben and I saw our Ajax talk, the term Ajax had been converted to AJAX throughout. The worst offence was changing the term JavaScript to “Javascript Technology”. It made no sense at all.

This is small fry compared to what happens to others. For some reason transitions are often broken. This lead to one friend having the following issues:

  • If they had a few bullets that came in one at a time, the first would be there, and NEXT would go to the next slide (not the next bullet)
  • A full animation sequence had to just show the last form of the sequence and they had to talk around it

So, beware.

3 Responses to “Beware the Sun Legal Slide Shifters”

  1. Ben Galbraith Says:

    We were so tempted just to switch to the demo machine and use Keynote from there for the slides… ;-)

  2. John Cowan Says:

    Trademarks are adjectives. That’s why the TV ads say “Try Sanka brand decaffeinated coffee” instead of “Try a Sanka”, like sensible people.

    Same story with Java and Javascript.

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