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Jan 11

Becks moves down the road

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I guess if Becks makes the effort to move down the road I wil have to head down to LA to watch one of his first games for the Galaxy.

This will be a huge deal for the MLS. I would love to see the stats pre/post Beckham.

Maybe more adults will be bending it like Beckham over here, instead of playing until they are twelve and then moving on to more lucrative sports.

3 Responses to “Becks moves down the road”

  1. Chris Custine Says:

    I think its great, but I will be pissed if MLS gets all rock star and goes the way of NASCAR because of something like this. :-D I would hate to see it become another overdone American fad.

  2. Sam Pullara Says:

    I thought you were talking about Beck (the singer) for most of this message :) There may be a temporary blip, but I doubt he has the same drawing power here as he does overseas…

  3. jim Says:

    I thought they only played soccer once every four years?

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