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Jun 28

BEA endorses Spring

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I am having fun seeing the usual suspects at JavaOne this year. The Sun keynotes have been a little painful from all accounts.

I went to the BEA keynote, and the CTO waffled around a little (starting off talking about 70% of us use frameworks??? I feel bad for the 30%).

After the fluffy “The Servlet API was here in 1999″, and the Adrian Colyer trinity of annotations/aop/dependency injection, we got to the meat.

BEA is supporting Spring. Rod Johnson was brought on stage to show how they are working together, and how the WebLogic console groks the Spring Beans via JMX etc etc.

I am looking forward to seeing “File -> New Spring Project” in the Eclipse based Workshop tool, being able to drop in Spring beans to WLS and have it just work, and all that jazz.

Marry that with Spring/Geronimo support, and Spring is everywhere ;)

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