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Apr 20

Argos: Simple Java Search Engine Wrapper API

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Nick Lothian has put up a 0.1 release of a nice Search Engine wrapper API called Argos.

About Argos

Argos is an open source (Apache licenced) Java library for accessing the search APIs provided by internet search engines. It provides a consistent, extensible and easy to use API, while supporting advanced features such as a paged request model and a simultaneous search across multiple engines.

Argos currently supports the following search engines:

  • Blogdigger
  • Feedster
  • Google
  • Google Desktop Search
  • MSN Search
  • Technorati
  • Yahoo

Here is an example of running a simultanous search on MSN and Blogdigger:

List<Searcher> searcherList = new LinkedList<Searcher>();
searcherList.add(new MSNWebSearcher());
searcherList.add(new BlogdiggerWebSearcher());

SimultaneousSearcher searcher = new SimultaneousSearcher(searcherList);

Iterator<SearchResult> it ="Java");
while (it.hasNext()) {
SearchResult result =;
System.out.println(result.getTitle() + " Address: " + result.getAddress());

A nice simple API, and one consistent one for a group of search engines.

2 Responses to “Argos: Simple Java Search Engine Wrapper API”

  1. Minh Tran Says:

    Thank you for a nice code. However, i think I found an error from your *.jar. I declared an object of BlogdiggerWebSearcher:
    Searcher s = new BlogdiggerWebSearcher();
    When I compiled the code, I receive an error saying that:

    “”: cannot access org.jvnet.argos.blogdigger.BlogdiggerWebSearcher,bad class file:BlogdiggerWebSearcher.class,class file has wrong version 49.0, should be 48.0,Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the classpath.”

    Please could you help to explain the error I receive and how to fix it.

    Many thanks

  2. rahul Says:


    It’s really nice to have common search API, but i have few queries –

    1) Do you have new release of this API
    2) Do we need to provide key for search, like we provide for google
    3) Does this support “Bing”?


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