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Jul 25

Adblocking Akamai

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I had an interesting experience when I happened to adblock a little TOO liberally on content.

I quickly found out the sites that use akamai, as their images, and other items such as CSS and JavaScript was lost.

Sometimes it was kinda random what was coming from akamai, and what was coming from the server itself….. ( was one example).

4 Responses to “Adblocking Akamai”

  1. Rich Feit Says:

    I do think that if ad blocking becomes popular (through the mechanism used by the Adblock extension), ad urls will simply become indistinguishable from desired content urls. So, for the sake of current Adblock users, let

  2. Cedric Says:

    True enough. Ad sites are pretty easy to identify by name so far, but maybe there will come a day where we will need Bayesian algorithms to tell if a URL is an ad or not…

  3. Julien Couvreur Says:

    I was thinking about that too, in a post ( ).

    I agree that obfuscation and DRM would be implemented to try and make ad-blocking harder if it were to become more popular. Going after users with legal means is also an alternative ;-)

  4. ken Says:

    Legal means? “You didn’t download all my stupid content. I’m going to file a law suit!”

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