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Mar 11

A Negative Code Day

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Isn’t it great when you get in the zone when coding? Now and then you come to the end of the day and think:

Man I wrote a lot of code today

but, it is always nicer to think:

Man, I wrote some elegant code today

I was really excited as I had one of those days. Due to a major refactoring I was able to write negative code.

The LOC of my functionality went down by ~60%. Now, I am left with an infinitely cleaner API for myself, and others, to use…. and the innards are readable and grokable.

Gotta love nuking some code! Less to maintain!

3 Responses to “A Negative Code Day”

  1. Loud Thinking Says:

    Being able to execute on insights

    Dion discovers the pleasure of removing code. This is also by far the most enjoyable aspect of programming for me….

  2. Kirk Says:

    Now that is a great day!!! Same functionality with 60% less code.

  3. Samuli Says:

    a great day would include night with hot chick.

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