Aug 18

Back to the Real World

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I have been out of commission on vacation in Colorado.

It was refreshing to not get internet service where I was for most of the time, although I did spend some days working from a train car pictured below.

My commute was then:

  • Wake up in a pink trailer at 9k feet
  • Get into a bright yellow International Scout II (1970s)
  • Drive to a train car in ‘town’
  • Get wireless from the B&F grocery shop across the way

You can really start to get internet everywhere now.


Aug 03

Over engineering anecdote

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I was comparing some notes with a local company that friends of mine work at. The application in question used a typical modern Java stack (WebWork, Spring, Hibernate) and in production has a bunch of machines to enable it to scale up.

The application is a new beta site, and as such doesn’t have a lot of traffic yet (not published highly).

Ironically, one of my current projects has millions of transactions a day, and runs on a lot less iron.

These days, with the right app (one that you can cache nicely) you can get scalable performance without breaking the bank at all.