Jun 06

Three Pane Apple Mail

Tech 4 Comments »

Letterbox is an Apple Mail plugin that gives you three pane widescreen mode.

This was the item that I have missed the most from Outlook, especially when on a 30″ monitor.

It is rough around the edges right now, but it will keep getting better (e.g. there is no way to change the view which is needed).

Kudos to the developer. Much needed.

Jun 06

World Cup 2006: The Magic Month

Sport 8 Comments »

It is finally coming up. The 2006 world cup is about to kick off in Germany, and I am excited for a month of thrill-seeking. The olympics are great, but this is the world event that I look out for.

I love the fact that FIFA has more members than the UN.

How great it is that a round ball can bring together so many in a celebration of world sport.

Makes the World Series look “quaint” :)